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Dance with the dead music, Tales of the crypt animated sneaked in (loved it as a kid), sawa Gloryhammer poster, big titty futa demon with a hot goth. also very well animated, this def hit all the awesome buttons for me :3

an oldie but a goldie, looking forward to more of your previous work get moved over and some new ones as well!

the booby trap was great!

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the animation is great but the game itself is very lacking from other work :( when you first introduced riding hood you had full frontal of what she looked like, we want more full front viewing of this chicks massive tits and a more interactive game, this is what we want D:

game is good and well done, and the reason why you are haveing trouble distributing the game is simply to copyright infrindgement, you CAN NOT make money off of other peoples work (the sprites and some sounds you used is owned by nintendo), and if you do sell it, nintendo can shut you down finantually. your best bet is to make something from scratch, and not using a simulare name. im sure you put alot of work into this but your best bet is to release the full for free on NG, and focus on a new project


this is the greatest mash up nostolgic game ever created, anyone who says its crap have NEVER played NES and should be ignored as there feeble minds couldnt handle the epic 8bit days

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oh neat, now the real question, would this potion work on a male... hmm she should share with me >:c

song request for my funeral

was playing TF2...

and i saw someone with a really nice hat, so i had to link this song on what i thought on said hat.

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love the look of peach here!

woah i didnt know you where on newgrounds as well, new fav artist to follow on here!

love it, the person off image if he looks back will be in for a "big" surprise (to others reading this comment and dont know, do check the full image linked)

turk128 responds:

"Big" is understatement: they're almost as big as his leg!

just a bimbo roleplayer, candy charms is my idle <3

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